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Support of the Arts

GFWC TCIC urges that arts in the broadest sense be integrated into curricula of schools, and as many aspects of community life as possible.


We host art and writing contests annually open to all students and community members to participate. There are several art categories to enter, including: photography, computer graphics, pencil, charcoal, and crafts, such as: knitting, jewlry making, and quilting.


We provide sponsorship to the Treadwell Stage Coach Run.

Adoption of Kellogg Franklin Trust

GFWC TCIC has adopted the Kellogg Franklin Trust to assert support and help maintain the Kellogg Franklin Trust property. We plan to create new and diverse recreational opportunities for the families of Treadwell


GFWC TCIC strongly supports the Bright Hill Literary Center at all levels of participation.


We have crafted a "Little Free Library" which is mounted near the community gazebo. Have a book, leave a book. Need a book, take a book.


Food Bank

GFWC TCIC has consistently manifested its concern in the economic survival of the community and it's members. We recognize that hunger exists domestically and therefore have adopted the Treadwell Community Food Bank to assert support and help to maintain this valuable community asset.

Crime Prevention

GFWC TCIC recognizes the need for community support in preventing crime. We promote programs, such as National Night Out, which are centered around combating neighborhood crime.

Respect for the Flag of the United States


GFWC TCIC recognizes that the American flag is a rallying point for all Americans and stands for patriotism and love of country. For generations Americans have dedicated and given their lives to preserve the freedoms represented by the flag.


We practice proper flag etiquette and promote and endorse the flying of our flag in a correct and respectful manner within the community.


Treadwell Community Flags are raised on Memorial Day and removed after Labor Day.

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